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Portiuncula Witnesses Reconciliation Celebration of Franciscan Families

Five hundred years after the publication of the short Romanum Pontificem of July 11, 1516, when Pope Leo X for the purpose uniting the various factions of the Franciscan Order convoked the Great General Chapter of Rome Pentecost 1517, the friars of the Franciscan Families of Umbria gathered at the Portiuncula to celebrate a very important step toward "Franciscan Friars in the Chapter" to walk together and grow in the common Franciscan vocation and mission.Last November, the first official meeting, aimed to "remember" and "understand" the events, including the conflicts in the history of the Franciscan Order. Some months a group of friars – Capuchins, Conventuals and Observants, walked from Assisi to Rome on pilgrimage – which took about a week and involved representatives of the Umbrian Franciscan friars' wearing “different colored habits but all with the three knotted cord."This year, the extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy and the 800th  Anniversary of the Pardon of Assisi (1216-2016), past memories and experiences of the Franciscan Order have moved to a request for mutual forgiveness and joyful embracing of mercy, which the Franciscan to reach, next year, the celebration of a "Great Chapter" which is meant to symbolically fulfill the Chapter convoked, but never celebrated, in 1517 by decree of Pope Leo X.The initiative comes from the Observants, the Conventual Franciscans (including the friars of the Sacred Convent of Assisi), the Capuchins and Third Order Regulars of Umbria and was immediately endorsed by the respective Ministers General, as an  important act of reconciliation.

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