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12th International Meeting: "Our Mother Earth" in Conjunction with “Spirit of Assisi” Celebration

The Sacred Convent of Assisi with the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea will sponsor the 2016 edition of “Nostra Madre Terra" (“Our Mother Earth”) International Meeting as part of the “Spirit of Assisi” Celebration September 18-20, 2016.
In this context, at the request of the Italian Ministry of Environment Land and Sea three conferences related to environment and ecology and intended for students of secondary schools have been organized.
The International Meeting "Our Mother Earth" each year organizes a program on environment and protection of creation at the Basilica of St. Francis, with the Sacred Convent of Assisi.
“Respect the environment to respect humankind, and vice versa.” This is the appeal that the Sacred Convent of Assisi makes in light of the extraordinary human and spiritual experience of St. Francis and in conjunction with Pope Francis’ encyclical letter 'Praised be' '.
The Franciscan community makes Francis of Assisi live daily in its prayers, in its activities, in its public initiatives as each year it celebrates these theme at the International Meeting dedicated to ''Our 'Mother Earth” in an attempt to bring together men of good will: researchers, scientists, administrators, and religious leader to build a greener world, full of hope.
It proposes a change lifestyle to protect Mother Earth as St. Francis of Assisi taught us and to hand it on to future generations.
“Mother Earth” is also a television program transmitted by RAI underlining the salient issues covered in the conference, interspersed with musical performances by Italian artists.

For the program of the Meeting click here.

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