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30th Anniversary of “Spirit of Assisi” International Program Theme: "Thirst for Peace. Religion, Culture in Dialogue"

In the Marconi Room of Vatican Radio the International Meeting to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of “Spirit of Assisi” in Assisi September 18-20, 2016 with the theme: "Thirst for Peace. Religion, Culture in Dialogue" The 3-day celebration has been organized by the Community of Sant'Egidio, the Diocese of Assisi and the Franciscan Families.
During the press conference the value of these three days was explained as an historic moment for peace-building in the face of the many situations of war, terrorism and widespread violence in the world.
The event will be attended by over 450 religious leaders and representatives cultural groups meeting during 29 panels September 18 and 19. On September 20, the final day, Pope Francis will participate at the celebration.
Bishop Domenico Sorrentino, Bishop of the Diocese of Assisi, during the meeting recalled: "Last year in Tirana, thanks to the friends of the Community of Sant'Egidio, I gave the announcement that the meeting in 2016 it would be done in Assisi, and I am here today to present the joy of the community that I have the honor to serve, for this event which will be enriched by the presence of Pope Francis."
The Bishop stressed the need and importance of building up "this spirit which is the spirit of Assisi because it is that of St. Francis and is the Gospel. The first thing I would like to highlight is that in these great events make the difference precisely because of the spirit in which they are lived. This year, we will live together with the Sant'Egidio Community, the Sacred Convent and the Diocese, a time that in thirty years is as important and prophetic as ever. Thirty years ago the world was in a Cold War when peace had to be defended, today we find the world in what Pope Francis calls ‘a third world war in pieces’ which makes it very difficult to understand where the world is going. In this situation  Pope Saint John Paul II was one of the first with the great intuition to emphasize for all his great trust and faith in the power of prayer. Hearts must be opened. Prayer,” continued Monsignor Sorrentino, “must be something that touches life and reality, but we must also have the courage to look to the future with realistic eyes, carefully and informed with hearts full of hope. "The presentation was also attended by Father Enzo Fortunato, Director of the Sacred Convent of Assisi Press Office and Marco Impagliazzo, President of the Community of Sant'Egidio."There will be only one celebratory event,” underlined Marco Impagliazzo, President of the Community of Sant'Egidio at the press conference, “the telling of a story that has borne fruit, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the peace agreements in various areas of the world " Special guests of this thirtieth anniversary are 25 refugees who will attend the event and on Tuesday September 20, the day of the Pope's visit who have a meal with all the other religious leaders."In these difficult times Assisi would be an answer, perhaps 'the' answer to terror and terrorism", said Father Enzo Fortunato, Drector of the Press Office of the Sacred Convent of Assisi. "The weak force of prayer is for us the answer to the compelling force of terror." (ANSA News Agency)

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