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Presentation of the Lamp of Peace of Saint Francis to Angela

The news has circulated around the world for some time now that on Saturday May 12th the "Lamp of Peace of Saint Francis" will finally be given to the one who, especially in Europe, "has distinguished herself in the work of reconciliation and the peaceful coexistence among peoples". To receive the award on May 12th, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, will be at the Sacred Convent, together with Juan Manuel Santos, President of the Republic of Colombia.  This same award was presented to Santos in 2016 for "his effort made in the processes of reconciliation with FARC”, the rebel army operative in his home country, a work that also earned him the Nobel Peace Prize that same year.
The event included two especially important moments: in the Upper Basilica, where the lamp delivery ceremony took place and where Chancellor Merkel addressed the assembly; the second, in the Papal Hall, where 300 young people from all over the world proposed questions to Merkel and Santos about the future  of next generations.
This award is "A gift that we hope will nurture the spirit of the rulers, encouraging them ever more to the search for the common good, and the development of relationships among peoples, based on certain principles, such as the care of our common home, sharing, and integration”, emphasized Father Mauro Gambetti , Custos of the Sacred Convent at the Basilica of St. Francis.  “Europe, we know, still has a long way to go to reach a possible 'plural unity'.  Europe has to deal with the lights and shadows of its history as well as its internal and external differences, learning to welcome the other and to overcome differences

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