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Blessed Thomas of Celano

Tommaso da Celano

First biographer of St. Francis in Assisi, was born in Celano, in Abruzzo, probably of a noble family. 
He entered the Order in 1215. In 1221, he went with the Friars on the first mission to Germany, where, in 1223, he was made the Superior of the Rhine Custody. We do not have precise data for the duration of his stay in Germany. It is certain that he was in Assisi in the years 1228, 1230 and probably also between 1244 and 1250. 
He died in the proximities of Tagliacozzo probably (Abruzzo), where, in the local church of St. Francis his body still rests. 
He wrote, in the years 1228-29, the first biography of St. Francis, the so-called First Life at the bequest of Pope Gregory IX. 
Subsequently he wrote a second biography of the saint, called Second Life, commissioned by the Minister General, Crescenzio from Iesi, between 1244 and 1247. In this biography, he used some testimony of the closest companions of Francis. 
About 1250, he began a third writing about Francis, The Treatise on the Miracles, at the bequest of the Minister General Giovanni from Parma, which contain the miracles after the death of the Saint. 
Also attributed to him is a work about Saint Clare of Assisi, as well as two Sequences in honor of St. Francis: Sanctitatis nova signa and Fregit victor virtualis. 

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